Custom Hoodies in Ottawa



Why are residents of Ottawa so enamoured with custom hoodies?

In Ottawa there's a range of weather which means that people need to layer. Hoodies are a great way to stay warm during the spring and fall.

Beyond the seasons, custom printed hoodies are great for all the construction and construction support trades like landscapers, carpenters, reno guys, and any trades person. It doesn't do any good to have a custom printed T-shirt in hoodie weather when it can't be seen, so clients are realizing that adding a few hoodies to an order can really be good value in looking professional on-site.

A second segment that supports the growing interest in custom hoodies in Ottawa is bands and people in the music industry. Many bands realize that CD sales are a thing of the past with digital music, and they're looking for a great way to monetize their shows. Custom printed hoodies can retail for up to 60$ with a print, and that's a big profit that helps to fund gear purchases and more shows.

The last segment that really supports the industry is the colleges, Ottawa U and Carelton! Game day! It's not always warm when you want to rep your school colors, so hoodies are a very common purchase.

With more materials, styles and fabrics than every before, custom hoodies are really making a splash. They're great as a seasonal stand-alone order, and it never hurts to add a few to an order. If the artwork stays the same as your regular shirts they contribute to price breaks and a minimum order quantity.