Screenprinting example


You’re looking for a top quality low cost printer and we fit the bill.

- All printed clothing is screenprinted, not flimsy heat transfers or cut vinyl

- We use the leading edge eco-friendly inks

- All apparel products are pre-shrunk and top quality

- We turnaround orders as fast as possible (7-10 days regularly - Rush orders possible)

- We can make artwork suggestions and recommendations to save you money

- Reorders are easy and inexpensive

We take care of our clients and would rather have a client for life at fair prices than a client once at high prices.


Clothing Embroidery on Polo


Embroidery is a different process than screenprinting and on certain product it's more suited to a professional level result. 

- We're able to work from your existing digitized file or create one from scratch

- We can produce low stitch-count artwork for economical runs, or high stitch-count artwork for premium results

- All digitizations are high quality to capture even the smallest details by professional artists on staff

- All thread colors & metallic thread available

- Customized names & other detail are easy and hassle free

For many clients - ones with sales staff, higher end restaurants, golf clubs, certain service businesses and others, embroidery is the only apparel decoration option worth considering.

For more info, checkout our post on embroidery.

Corporate Accounts

Screenprinted dress shirts


Fulfillment for corporate entities is a big part of our business and we focus on several points that our clients appreciate. 

- We take time to provide product choices that represent brand identity and budget

- All orders over 250 units are provided broker rate pricing

- Economical product options are available for events and giveaways

- Printing sponsors on shirts is a simple no hassle process - no “layout fees” for simple artwork

- Flexible production schedules for events with registration

- Screenprinting and Embroidery options

We take no short cuts on any orders and ensure logo details are true to size and true to color for the success of your product run.

Logo & Graphic Design

graphic design


Our artwork philosophy is unique - we try to do as much as possible completely free. If a logo or file needs a quick touch-up we will include it free. If there's a simple shirt or text layout that needs to be done it's included. Where we do need to charge we have contract artists on staff that are billed out very affordably to make sure your project won't break your budget.

We offer paid services such as:

- Digitization

- Custom Logo from Scratch

- Flyer or Business card layouts

- Custom Web Graphics

- Custom Shirt Graphic from Scratch


All artwork has our high attention to detail and we make sure never to let anything get to production that won't have great results.


More Custom Shirt Printing Info: