Embroidery has always been seen as the apparel decoration with the highest perceived value. By stitching customer artwork directly into fabrics we are able to create an apparel feature that is literally part of the piece of clothing. Embroidery is great on jackets, polos, dress-shirts, hats and more. 


Embroidery is perfect in circumstances where the highest quality is desired, a statement is needed, or in the case of garments that are difficult or impossible to screenprint such as certain hats and jackets. Embroidery is also great for customized player names on sleeves or above the left chest area on a shirt.

Fabric Types:

Embroidery is suitable on most fabrics including 100% Cotton (Long Fiber) products; 100% Cotton (Short Fiber) products, 50-50% Cotton/Polyester Blends, 100% Polyester products and Tri-blend’s, but be aware certain jackets bought at retail outlets will not be suitable. Products provided by your apparel decorator are the best way to go here because many brand name jackets sold at major stores are not possible to embroider due to lack of embroidery access panels. Don’t assume that because a product is embroidered from the factory means we can embroider it – this may have been done prior to garment construction and does not necessarily mean we can work with it.

Product options:

T-shirts, Long-sleeve T-shirts, Hoodies, Sweaters, Polo’s/Golf-shirts, Dress-shirts, Hats, Tuques, Baseball and athletic wear and most apparel is suitable for embroidery. We are also able to create embroidered iron-on patches for sale or later use.

Many fashion oriented brands today use embroidery to set themselves apart from competition as a premium product.