Ordering Custom Apparel in Hamilton


Hamilton is a growing city seeing a lot of development as the cost of living in Toronto increases and it sees new residents moving in. There’s a high number of service based businesses in the area, and many of the orders from here are more practical than the highly stylized custom shirt orders that come from nearby Toronto and Montreal. Lake Ontario brings weather patterns changes often so we notice a lot of different types of custom clothing orders coming from Hamilton that cover the range of seasons from warm to freezing.

Main Considerations
  • Interesting and varied weather from Lake Ontario
  • Many service based businesses
  • Fast growing population means lot’s of opportunities for new businesses
Seasonal Options

-Spring & Summer: T-shirts, Tank-tops, Light Hoodies, Long-sleeves, Regular Hats/Caps

-Fall & Winter: Hoodies, Sweaters, Light & Heavy Jackets, Toques

The Bottom Line

Keep your staff, event attendees and customers happy! New businesses in Hamilton have a wonderful and growing need for custom apparel, as a professional brand and company image will keep clients coming back for more.