Custom T-Shirt Fulfillment in Canada (Drop-Shipping & More)



Custom T-shirt fulfillment in Canada is a a hard thing to find. Often Canadian customers are looking for a T-shirt printer to produce single shirts as they are printed, and it’s not always an option.

In the US, custom T-shirt fulfillment is a big business, with many providers allowing online Amazon fullfillment, and fulfillment with ecommerce platforms like shopify, woocommerce and others to print on demand. It allows for single shirt printing and for you to produce shirts as they are ordered – reducing inventory and overstock.

As a clothing provider, we are less about on-demand custom shirt printing and more about wholesale shirt orders. Clients are welcome to make bulk, wholesale shirt orders, and we can coordinate direct delivery or you can coordinate direct deliver for a higher end margin.

As an enterprise solution, once an order has been placed, we can offer warehousing and distribution. This would mean your inventory would be housed with us and your clients products require distribution, we are able to pack and ship directly to their address on your behalf. We are also able to pack other promotional items together, for a full or partial promotional package to be created.

Single shirt DTG shirt order fulfillment for Canada is something we do plan on offering in the coming future. If DTG services and custom shirt fulfillment services are something your company requires please contact one of our reps to find out if we can help.

If it’s not a solution now, it could be shortly.


Custom shirt fulfillment and DTG single shirt orders are still early days in Canada, but there are other shirt fulfillment options such as wholesale orders and distributing inventory as needed.