Digital Printing


While your branding strategy may start with shirts, the sky’s the limit. It’s proven that the best branding approach is a complete one – why leave anything on the table when branding efforts accumulate over time? A great branding eco-system puts your business above your competitors, above and beyond client scrutiny and in a position of power and authority within your business or industry. 

Psychology of Branding:

It’s often unsaid or unnoticed, but we seem hardwired to respect the superficial.

Imagine yourself walking into a discount mechanic and discussing work on your vehicle. His shop is slightly unkempt and he’s wearing old clothing with holes..  even if he offers a fair number on the work we’re likely to low-ball his price and talk him down because he’s not in a position of authority.

The flip side of this is a completely pristine shop, with services & pricing printed and hanging on the wall and him and his staff all in uniform. In the second case not only can the mechanic demand a higher price – but he will spend less of his valuable time assuring clients his price is fair. He appears professional so we respect his needs.

Your perception in the eyes of your clients can save you time and make you money and it costs little to set-up and maintain these perceptions.

Digital Printing:

Today, decals, banners and signs are all done through digital printing. Rolls are fed through a tangential cutter/printer and the end result is your branding material. Much of the pricing in the digital print space is determined by the square-ft of material, so with decals for example you can size them to maximize your sq/ft material value.

As with anything printed it’s important to start with high resolution artwork. Especially with digital printing, artwork will often be scaled up larger than it is on a computer monitor when printed.

Our graphic team can offer advise on print quality and expectations and even vector or re-touch low resolution graphics to ensure good results.

  1. Decals
  2. Banners
  3. Signs
  4. Wall-flair
  5. Chloroplast printing (realtor signs)
  6. Canvas prints
  7. R&D / Experimental (woods, metals & more at a premium)