Logo & Graphic Design


Whether you’re looking for branded promotional items; flyers, products to sell to the public, banners, stickers – anything – a great result comes from great artwork. You will always be better off investing time or money into artwork because a great result has great value where a poor one can actually be a net loss. Even on promotional give-away’s – you do not want your project or brand to be associated with poor quality.

Artwork on your own:

We welcome working with your in-house graphic artist or subcontractor. We can communicate with them directly and inform them what artwork files we need and in what formats.

Artwork with us:

We have very talented artists on staff and can help with all aspects of your artwork needs as they arise. We can deploy one of our in-house artists to create visual assets for your project or brand and we keep these files on record for future projects so you don’t pay twice. 

  1. Graphic Design and Logo Creation
  2. Artwork touch-ups, improvements and edits
  3. Embroidery Digitizations
  4. Shirt, Decal, Flyer, Sign & Other Layouts
  5. Graphic & resource creation for websites
  6. Vectoring of graphics