Screenprinting is the industry standard for apparel decoration. By using tested and true methods, high quality inks and attention to detail we can offer a very high quality end product suitable for business, events, fashion and resellers.


Screenprinting is a very strong process in comparison to digital printing, vinyl transfers and heat-pressing. These screenprinting alternatives are more suitable for ‘one-of’ designs because their unit cost is high and their durability over-time is low. Vinyl and heat-transfers will fade and crack eventually, whereas a cured plastisol print will be color-fast and retain it’s quality throughout the life of the garment. For anyone ordering wholesale – businesses, events and resellers – screenprinting is the higher quality, cost efficient option.

Fabric Types:

Screenprinting is suitable for 100% Cotton (Long Fiber) products; 100% Cotton (Short Fiber) products, 50-50% Cotton/Polyester Blends and – with the right additives – 100% Polyester products and Tri-blend’s as well. 

Product options:

T-shirts, Long-sleeve T-shirts, Hoodies, Sweaters, Polo’s/Golf-shirts, Baseball and athletic wear and most apparel is suitable for screen-printing, and it can be done onto canvas, band-patches and many alternative substrates.

Screenprinting today is primarly used for fabric and apparel, however in the past it was used for signs, business cards and many other applications. Now, many of those products are printed digitally but screenprinting on apparel is still the clear decoration method winner because of longevity, quality and cost.